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Golden Lash

Q & A

New to eyelash extensions or Golden Lash? Find answers to the questions you may have here! 


How long do lash extensions last?

There is no guarantee of the exact time lash extensions will last since they differ among people and depend on how well they are maintained. Different skin types may affect the length of time lash extensions stay coherent, as people with oily skin tend to see lash extensions fall off quicker than others due to the skin oil dissolving the lash adhesive. Generally, lash extensions will start to fall off gradually each day after having them applied, and we recommend that clients return after 2 or 3 weeks for refill services if necessary. For maintenance information, please visit our MAINTENANCE page. For refill information and duration, please visit our POLICY page. 

Would lash extensions damage my own lashes?

If applied properly, lash extensions should not damage your lashes. If you see your lashes falling off along with lash extensions, do not worry! Oftentimes it is because lashes, just like hair, have a regenerating cycle, and thus the lash extensions are falling out because your lash was trying to make room for the new lash that is about to grow out! 


Do I need to make a deposit payment if my appointment is on the day of?

Yes. A deposit payment is required for all appointments. If your appointment is on the same day you called to schedule the appointment, please note that we are unable to make any modifications to your appointment once the deposit payment has been made. Visit our POLICY page for more information. 

What kind of lash extensions do you offer?

Here at Golden Lash, we only offer individual lash extensions. Even our 2D or 3D volume sets are delivered by applying 2 or 3 pieces of individual extensions to one of your lashes. We have a variety of different lash materials and lash sets available. For more information, please visit our LASH EXTENSIONS page. 


What should I do both before and after getting lash extensions?

After getting lash extensions, please be sure to follow the 24-hour rule. That means no mascara, oil, or water for 24 hours. With this being said, you might want to take a shower and remove all of your makeup before showing up to your appointment, as you cannot let the newly applied extensions come into contact with water for 24 hours after having them applied. For more information on how to take care of your lashes, visit our MAINTENANCE page. 

Can I apply makeup after getting lash extensions?

Yes, you can apply makeup, but it is important to be aware of the ingredients in makeup and skincare products on the market. Products that contain oil may cause lash extensions to fall off once they come in contact with the extensions, and the process of eye makeup removal may also cause lash extensions to be rubbed off. There is no need to apply mascara after lash extensions are applied, and after using eyeliners, be careful not to rub off the lash extensions during makeup removal.

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