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We DO NOT perform refill services on lashes that are done from other places with NO EXCEPTION. If you currently have lashes from another salon, we will first remove your lashes at the expense of an additional $20-$50 (depending on the condition of the lashes) and apply a new set of lash extensions. We strictly stand by this policy to avoid the possibility of different lash and adhesive materials mixing causing infections, allergic reactions, or other severe consequences. 


Here at Golden Lash, our refill prices and services are determined by the number of days it has been since your previous visit. The maximum number of days that you can still come back after your previous visit to get a refill is 30 days (a 4-week refill). Any lash extension application services performed after the 30-day refill time limit will be charged as a new set.  View our refill time frame below:​

  • 1 week refill: 1-9 days after your previous visit       

  • 2 weeks refill: 10-17 days after your previous visit

  • 3 weeks refill: 18-24 days after your previous visit

  • 4 weeks refill: 25-30 days after your previous visit

*Please note: the term, “previous visit” stated in the refill policy ONLY applies to visits when lash extension application services are performed by the lash technicians at Golden Lash. Other visits such as when only removal or free fixing services are performed do NOT apply to that term. ​

  • For example: a refill CAN NOT be performed on a client whose previous visit consisted of only a removal service. 

  • For example: a refill service/price would NOT be determined by the number of days it has been since your previous visit that only consisted of a free fixing service; it would be determined by the number of days it has been since your previous visit when charged lash extensions application had been performed. 


  • A deposit must be made for every appointment scheduled. The $50 deposit fee will be refunded back to you after you have paid the total price of the service received in our salon. Your chosen time slot(s) will only be reserved for you for 1 hour until you have paid your deposit(s). If no deposit was paid within the 1-hour limit, your reserved time slot(s) will automatically be canceled. If your deposit(s) is paid after the 1-hour limit, please call us again to recheck the availability of your preferred time slot(s); availability is not guaranteed.

  • If you would like to cancel or reschedule your appointment(s), please inform us by calling us over the telephone at least 24 hours prior to the time of your appointment(s). Your deposit(s) will be forfeited if any cancelations or reschedules are made without informing us at least 24 hours prior to the time of your appointment(s). Your deposit(s) will be forfeited if you do not show up to your appointment(s). Your deposit(s) will be forfeited if your appointment(s) is canceled or rescheduled by us due to your lateness to your appointment(s). If your appointment(s) is made within 24 hours of scheduling, in other words, if you called to schedule the appointment(s) on the same day as your appointment(s), or if the time during which you called us to schedule your appointment(s) is within 24 hours of the time of your appointment(s), you would not be able to make any changes or modifications to your appointment(s) without having your deposit(s) forfeited. 

*All changes to your appointment(s) must be made by calling us directly. Text, internet messaging, or email cancelations and reschedules are not accepted. All changes to your appointment(s) must be made during our business hours. Please note: business hours differ in accordance with the days of the week. 


We will try our best to accommodate late arrivals, but in cases when you will be running very late and/or will affect the schedules of other clients after your appointment(s), your appointment(s) would usually be canceled. In instances like this where your appointment(s) is canceled due to your lateness, we will enforce our deposit policy and your deposit(s) will be forfeited, which, therefore means the deposit(s) will not be refunded back to you. ​If you know you will be late for your appointment(s), be sure to call us at 646-368-9838 to confirm if we will still be able to provide service(s) for you at your estimated time of arrival (ETA). If we will be able to accommodate you, be sure to arrive precisely at your ETA provided to the receptionist, or even earlier; if you come later than your ETA, your appointment(s) will be canceled. If we will not be able to accommodate you, your appointment(s) will be canceled. 

*We recommend all clients, especially new clients, to always show up at least 10 minutes earlier to your appointment(s) to prohibit possible latenesses which may cause your appointment(s) to be canceled. 

*Small latenesses are inevitable, and if you are encountering a small waiting period upon your arrival, we appreciate your understanding and are very grateful for your patience! 


Golden Lash will issue no refunds for any services under any circumstances. By receiving service from Golden Lash, you are liable for any choices, including but not limited to the unsatisfied decisions associated with the lash material, curl, length, thickness, and/or style. If you would like to have a minor fix to your lashes, you may come back within 3 days after your visit and will be able to receive a free fixing service.
*Please note: only minor adjustments in the lashes are included in a free fixing service. If you would like to increase the volume of your lashes, you would need to pay additionally to get an upgrade to the extra-full or the volume (2D) set. If you are not satisfied with the lash set entirely, for instance, if you would like to change the lash length, material, thickness, curl, or style, you would need to pay an additional $20 for removal and separately for another new set of lashes. If you come after the 3-day free fixing time period, a refill or a new set will be charged, depending upon the situation.


Tips and taxes are NOT included in the prices of the services, and therefore they should be paid separately. This is also written on the price charts in our salon, so they are available to view anytime when you are in our salon. If you do not have enough money on you and would still like to give a gratuity, you may write the amount of tips you would like to give to your technician, and we will be able to deduct that amount from your deposit! Tips may also be paid by credit/debit cards.

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