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Lash Styles:









Shorter lengths used in the corner of eyes and longer lengths are used towards the end of the eye to create the cat-eye look.

Lashes of similar length are used to create the natural, mascara look.

Shorter lengths used in the corner and the end of eyes, and longer lengths are used towards the middle to create the round, cute look.

Shorter lengths used in the corner of the eye and longer lengths used throughout the eye to create the dramatic look. 

The looks of the styles are not the same on different people's eyes, since eye shapes and the volume of our natural lashes vary. 

Lash Volume:


Full set (classic set)

The classic set is perfect for someone looking for a natural, beautiful look. It's not too dramatic and is a great choice if it's your first time getting lash extensions. You can start your lash journey with a classic set and eventually upgrade to the other options for a fuller and more dramatic result!

≈ 80-90 pieces per eye 

Mink: $120
Silk: $130
Cashmere: $160


Extra full set

The extra full set is a great choice for someone wanting a fuller look but is afraid to have the lashes look too dramatic. Simply add $20 additional to the price of a classic set to get this fuller look!

≈ 100-110 pieces per eye 

Mink: $140
Silk: $150
Cashmere: $180


2D set (volume set)

The 2D set (volume set) is perfect for those wanting a dramatic, volumized look. Instead of having 1 piece of lash extension applied to one of your natural lashes, the 2D set applies 2 pieces of extensions which doubles the volume!

≈ 150-160 pieces per eye 

Mink: $160
Silk: $180
Cashmere: $220

The volume of lash extensions is determined by the volume of your own lashes and therefore is different among different people.

The prices listed above exclude tips and tax.

Lash Types:



The most basic lash type we offer. Mink lashes allow you to enjoy lash extensions at a great price! Available in a variety of lengths and curls!



The premium lash type we offer. Silk lashes are lighter, darker, and glossier compared to mink lashes. Enjoy lighter and more comfortable lash extensions at an affordable price!



The best lash type we offer. Cashmere lashes are the most comfortable and the lightest lash extensions we carry! Enjoy the finest lash extensions with supreme quality!

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