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1. Call

Call us to check the availability of your preferred time slot. 


We will reserve your chosen time slot for 1 hour until the requested deposit is made.

3) Pay

Pay the $50 deposit fee online. Be sure to include your name and phone number. This deposit fee will be refunded back to you after you have paid for the total cost of the service received in our salon.

4) scheduled

After your deposit is paid, your appointment is scheduled. 

Please note: Failure to pay the deposit will result in your appointment not being scheduled. We can only reserve your preferred time slot for 1 hour until the deposit is paid. If your deposit is paid after the 1-hour limit, please call us again to confirm if your preferred time slot is still available; availability is not guaranteed. If you are making multiple appointments for multiple people, you will need to make a deposit for every appointment reserved. If you are making an appointment for someone else, be sure to leave the receptionist with the phone number of the person who is receiving the service, and include their information (name, phone number, etc) when paying the deposit. If you are paying for someone's deposit and they fail to show up to their appointment(s), you will be charged the $50 deposit fee. 
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